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SetWallpaper 2.0 by jsmorley
SetWallpaper 2.0
Requires the latest Rainmeter 3.3 or better from Rainmeter

Four skins, which demonstrate and use the !SetWallpaper bang in Rainmeter

SetWallpaperHotspot : Randomly change the wallpaper when you mouse over an invisible hotspot at the top left of the screen.
SetWallpaperIcon : Randomly change the wallpaper when you click on a small icon.
SetWallpaperTimed : Randomly change the wallpaper every XX seconds you define.
SetWallpaperViewer : Randomly change the wallpaper from a little viewer of your images.
UpTimeUser 1.0 by jsmorley
UpTimeUser 1.0
One of the differences between Windows 7 and 8/10 is how "shutdown" is handled. 

In Windows 8 and 10, when you do a normal system "shutdown", a hybrid "hibernate / shutdown" is done. What this means is that the user session, Windows Explorer and all running applications, are "shut down", but the core of Windows, the OS itself, is "hibernated". On a system "restart" on the other hand, the entire user session and OS are completely restarted.

Nothing wrong with this, it's a good thing. When you "shutdown" your computer, it restarts and gets running about twice as fast in Win10 as it does in Win7. It doesn't have to fully "stand up" the OS every time.

However, the long and the short of this is that the value for Uptime Measure Documentation is not reset when you shutdown the computer, only when you do a restart. 

While knowing when a full restart of the OS was done is of value, it might also be of value to know when anything restarts just the user session, like when the computer is "shutdown" or you "sign out" of your user account. The reason this might be of interest is that this is a more reliable indication of when all your applications, and Windows Explorer, were last restarted.

Anyway, there is a little utility, quser.exe, included in Win7 - Win10, that can help with this.

Note that this utility only ships with the "Professional" versions of Windows or higher.
This entire thing will not work on Windows XP, nor on any version of Win7/Win8.1/Win10 "basic" or "home" editions.

So this skin requires:

Rainmeter 3.3 release or later
Window7/8/10 "Professional" or better

This works for me on my US-English system, with the default time format settings of:
Short Date: M/d/yyyy
Short Time: h:mm tt

So quser.exe displays the date and time as: 1/17/2016 at 12:17 PM
You can check this by opening a Command Prompt window, and typing quser YourAcccountName.

If your system is using a different date and time format, you are probably going to need to play with the TimeStampFormat=%#m/%#d/%Y %#I:%M %p in [MeasureUserFormat] to get it to work at all, and likely the Format=%a, %b %#d - %#I:%M %p in both [MeasureSystemDiff] and [MeasureUserFormat] to get it to display in the format you want.

Time Measure Documentation
JSMeterVII 1.0 by jsmorley
JSMeterVII 1.0
Various skins that can be loaded separately or used together as in my preview image.

Requires at least the release version of Rainmeter 3.3 from

Requires at least Windows 7 SP1

Use the Welcome panel that will initially load to load or unload the various skins, and to access the important configuration .inc files.

Things I won't be changing, so don't ask, but you are certainly welcome to change yourself. The skins are not complicated.

24Hour time instead of 12Hour.
More or less Cores and / or Drive letters.
More or less sensor information from HWiNFO
More days of Weather retrieved / displayed.
Language changes of any kind.

Oh, and that wallpaper is included in the .rmskin. The original was from:…
WXDataWeather1.4 by jsmorley
Requires the latest Rainmeter 3.3 beta or later from

Displays the current weather conditions and forecasts for today and tomorrow.

This uses the data from the WXData feed from

Set your weather location code and unit of measure in

Unit of measure can also be changed by right-clicking and selecting "Change to Fahrenheit" or "Change to Celsius"

This skin includes a include file, which has regular expressions for virtually every useful field from the entire 6-day feed. This can be used to make creating your own skins for this feed a lot more simple.

Edit: Version 1.1 fixes a bug with the transition from "day" to "night" values.
Edit: Version 1.2 replaces the weather icons with ones tweaked by SilverAzide to be more accurate for
Edit: Version 1.3 adds an alert icon if your location has any severe weather alerts
Edit: Version 1.4 adds a tooltip with the text of any severe weather alerts
JSNetwork 1.0 by jsmorley
JSNetwork 1.0
Just a little Network skin that optionally shows a WIFI information panel.

Requires the latest Rainmeter 3.3 from

Uses the included CheckNet plugin to test network connectivity.
Uses the included ActionTimer plugin for the fade out / fade or slide left / right effects.

1) Set your maximum download and upload bandwidth in Resources\
2) Set the variable ShowWIFI in Resources\ to turn on or off the WIFI panel.
3) Change color variables as desired in Resources\

4) Mouse over the skin to toggle the WIFI panel (if enabled)
5) Middle-click the skin to copy your WAN IP to the Windows clipboard.


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